Foto Gallery

The gallery of pictures is split in three parts:

  •  Zelenogorsk now - about current state of Zelenogorsk
  •  Historical - historical pictures of Zelenogorsk/Terijoki
  •  Artistic - artistic photos of Zelenogorsk and surroundings
  •  Other - other photos, mostly sent to us by our visitors or friends

This splitting is quite artificial, but allows to systematize the collection.
You can send us your photos, which correspond to the site theme, to this address with your comments and suggestions for placement. However, we can't promise, that all photos sent will be published - it depends from its content and quality. Besides that, the photos could be technically edited.


Last news

2005-11-03. - 12-th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists works till the beginning of December 2005
2004-11-24. - Mannerheim Line. Summajarvi
2004-11-24. - 11-th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists works till end of November
2004-09-06. - Graphic art and painting by Alexey Nikolaev
2003-10-25. - 10th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists is opened on 26th of October
2003-07-27. - Photo report from the City Festival-2003
2003-05-20. - Photos from the celebrationg of 10th anniversary of the Terijoki parish reopening
2003-03-30. - Information about Lutheran parish Terijoki
2002-10-28. - Photo report from the 9-th annual exhibition of Zelenogorsk's artists
2002-09-29. - New photos in our Historical Photo Gallery
- New artpack from Art-Group "Just-X" in out Art Gallery
2002-07-29. - Photo report from the City Festival-2002
2002-07-24. - New materials in the Art Gallery - paintings by Tony Milagros
- Exhibition of Nikolay Balagurov

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