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   Faces. Zelenogorsk's artists.17  11169
   City Festival-2002.79  11169
   City Festival-200352  11169
   City Festival-2004. Preparations.10  11169
   City Fectival-2004. Sport fields opening.19  11169
   City Fectival-2004. Opening of the reconciliation monument.36  11169
   City Festival-2004. Opening ceremony.52  11169
   City Festival-2005. Jarvenpaa delegation arriving.13  11169
   City Festival-2005. Concert of the choruses from Finland 28.07.2005.21  11169
   City Festival-2005. Opening of the new shop and playground.18  11169
   City Festival-2005. New children dentist cabinet and apple-tree garden opening18  11169
   City Festival-2005. Signing of the cooperation memorandum between Zelenogorsk and Jarvenpaa (Finland).15  11169
   City Festival-2005. "Dachshund in the town!" or dachshunds' flash-mob.50  11169
   City Festival-2005. Festival march, opening ceremony, festival hours.39  11169
   City Festival-2005. Concert, fireworks.36  11169
   City Festival-2006. Second dachshunds' flash-mob.80  11169
   Orthodox Church of The Kazan God's Mother Icon27  11169
   Lutheran church. Photo by M.Popova15  11169
   Zelenogorsk in 50th - 80th.From family archives.26  11169
   "Recreation area of Leningrad". Set of mini-postcards. 1959.16  11169
   Zelenogorsk of 50-th and 60-th. From collection of National Library of Russia.10  11169
   Panoramic Zelenogorsk by V.Shirokov17  11169
   Celebration of school #445 50th anniversary.12  11169
   Zelenogorsk views from bird's fly. Photos by A.Malamashin and D.Repin.22  11169


   Photos by D.Myasnikov1  11169
   Sail-2001. Photos by A.Zhukov, S.Modenov.21  11169
   Sail-2002. Baltic Cup. Photos by Tatjana Serochkina.5  11169
   Seal-2003. Photos by Andrey Zhukov and Alexandr Bravo14  11169

Authors albums

   Photos by A.Bravo62  11169
   Photos by Alexey Bazhin21  11169
   Zelenogorsk's sketches by Julia Grebneva.7  11169
   Photos by Irina Vasiljeva40  11169
   Alexandr Kazak. Komarovo.17  11169
   Photos by Ekaterina Kirillova3  11169
   Karelian nature via Alexey Konjukhov eyes8  11169
   Photos by Vladimir Larin10  11169
   Winter Terijoki by Andrey Malamashin5  11169
   Panoramic photos of Zelenogorsk's harbour by E.Mazur19  11169
   Photos by Marina Popova20  11169
   Still life by Marina Popova9  11169
   Photos of Zelenogorsk by N. Ostrovsky59  11169
   Photos by Marina Pimenova11  11169
   Photo by A.Schejnis14  11169
    Panoramic photos by V.Shirokov8  11169
   Summer-2001. Photos by A.Zhukov.33  11169
   Trees. Photo by A.Bravo9  11169

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