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The "Harp" palace ("Harppulinna") in Kellomäki.

The "Harp" palace on Valtakatu (now the Bol'shoj Prospekt in Komarovo - V. K.) used to be the most famous dacha in Kellomaki. This building, resembling a palace, later became a place of interest for the tourists. There is a legend, that its owner loved music so much, that he wanted to live in a house, which would resemble an organ or a harp. It turned out to be impossible to create something resembling a musical tool, but the result nevertheless was a peculiar and exclusive creation of the architect's imagination. The external siding was made of cylindrical logs connected by bolts. Inside, there was a small concert hall with a stage for a small orchestra, but the rest represented the wonderful mess of rooms, balconies, corridors and ladders - often so narrow, that you could once wonder, how it was possible to bring furniture to the top floors by them. The park covered the area of three hectares, its southern edge occupied the slope, and a view of the sea opened from there. Besides the marvellous garden with tennis courts, there were fountains, pavilions, statues and benches. There was an electrogenerator in the house. It was the only house with electrical illumination in the settlement. The "Harp" palace was built by the architect Baranovski, who also designed the Yeliseev shop on the Nevski Prospekt in St.-Petersburg. The latter is still undamaged, but the "Harp" palace had changed several owners and was destroyed during the war by artillery fire from Kronstadt - this dacha was well visible from there. According to other sources, it was burnt by Russians during the retreat in 1941.

The "Harp" palace (Harppulinna)
The "Harp" palace (Harppulinna). Interiors. The "Harp" palace (Harppulinna). Interiors.

E. Kähönen. The former Terijoki. - Kouvola, 1982.

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