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Terijoki. From the railway station to Käkösenpää

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10. Seilonen's butcher's shop across the street from the market-place.
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11. The corner of Sammonkatu street: on the left - Paavolainen's, Bruni's etc. trade houses, on the right - National Stock bank and Trube's store.
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12. The old building of the Co-operative Enterprise of Karelian isthmus (Kannaksen Osuusliike).
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13. A cart for two horses on old Viertotie.
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14. The new building of the Co-operative Enterprise of Karelian isthmus.
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15. The corner of Pellervonkatu street: on the left - bank "Savo-Karjala" and Salmela's trade house.
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16. Hotel "Imatra"
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17. A view from the corner of Pellervonkatu to the coast.
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18. A view from the Lutheran church tower to Viertotie.
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