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This forum is for everybody, who connected with Zelenogorsk/Terijoki in any way - live, visit or simply interested in
Alexandr Bravo

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Hello Ilya,

Thanks for visiting our site, I'm very glad that you find it interesting.

Phil Penningroth

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I've posted another message on both threads but just wanted to tell you again how much I admire your website. Rearely have I found a site as informative and well put together. Even with limited Babelfish translations it has given me a great deal of wonderful material. Thanks.

Also, I plan to follow in my grandfather's footsteps next April-May, 2004, (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, through Terioki to St. Petersburg and Moscow), taking the same route he took when he traveled without authorization into Russia in 1919 and negotiated with the Bolsheviks for the release of American and British POWs who had been captured at Archangel. I wonder if you or someone you know could help me find my way around Terioki and what was Beolostrova? I'd be willing to pay.


Phil Penningroth

Michael Bravo

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Hello Phil,

thank you for the nice words about our (well, mostly Alexander's, I'm just a little shadow in the technical and hosting woodwork :) ) work here. We're truly sorry to lag behind in English translations, but we are working on those, homest!

Beloostrov is still called that way. I think that one of us will gladly help you in your treks here. Let us know when your travel plans firm up, by email to either me or Alexandr.

Best regards,
Michael Bravo