Zelenogorsk Art

There are several artists working in Zelenogorsk now - A.Vizirjako, M.Khachaturova, E.Yushuk, T.Kuznetcova, S.Gradusov, G.Smolina, A.Doronin, A.Mikhailov, M.Konstantinova, Z.Vasiljeva, S.Andreev, I.Andreeva, Yu.Ivanova, S.Shkurenko, N.Asonova-Surina, V.Garde, N.Kuzmenkova, V. Mikhailov-Zelenogorsky, Yu.Kryakvin.

The art works are presented in following sections : Pictorial Art  , Ceramics.

The work whick marked by sign (*)  can be bought. If you would like to buy something - please mail us to this address with the name of the author and the work.

©All rights for presented art works are the property of those authors. Any reproduction is possible only with author's permission.


Last news

2005-11-03. - 12-th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists works till the beginning of December 2005
2004-11-24. - Mannerheim Line. Summajarvi
2004-11-24. - 11-th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists works till end of November
2004-09-06. - Graphic art and painting by Alexey Nikolaev
2003-10-25. - 10th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists is opened on 26th of October
2003-07-27. - Photo report from the City Festival-2003
2003-05-20. - Photos from the celebrationg of 10th anniversary of the Terijoki parish reopening
2003-03-30. - Information about Lutheran parish Terijoki
2002-10-28. - Photo report from the 9-th annual exhibition of Zelenogorsk's artists
2002-09-29. - New photos in our Historical Photo Gallery
- New artpack from Art-Group "Just-X" in out Art Gallery
2002-07-29. - Photo report from the City Festival-2002
2002-07-24. - New materials in the Art Gallery - paintings by Tony Milagros
- Exhibition of Nikolay Balagurov

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