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Zelenogorsk is a suburb of St.Petersburg, located in a gorgeous part of the Karelian neck on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, 50 km away from St. Petersburg. Formally, it is an integral part of the St. Petersburg recreation area. Used to belong to Finland prior to 1939 under the name of Terijoki.




Would you like to walk around Zelenogorsk to find what is still exist from old Terijoki ? Not so many places, but there are something to look and to remember..
From the railway station to the Orthodox church
Continuation of the excursion. Along Viertotie and Antinkatu
Novikov's villa

Foto galleries

Fine collection of historical and modern photos of still existing buildings and historical places

New materials from 29.05.04 - unique postcards with views of Terijoki, Kellomaki and Kuokkala before 1917 from the collection of National Library of Russia


Maps pf Terijoki and environs before 1917, Finnish maps of 1920-30 and present day maps

Terra Incognita

Mannerheim Line. Summajarvi.

30th of November 2004 will be the 65th anniversary of the Winter War begining. We went through the part of Mannerheim Line in Summajarvi and present to you our photo report.
We are sorry that comments are in Russian only for the moment, please use Babelfish for translation, but all photos are self-explained 

City events, info

City Festival-2007

City Festival-2005

28 July 2007 - Annual City Festival, Zelenogorsk/Terijoki is 459 years.
We start the series of photo reports from the festival.
Arriving of the Finnish delegation
Opening of the photo exhibition "Terijoki 1930-th" presented by Terijoki community (Helsinki) and Terijoki Fund (Jarvenpaa)

Zelenogorsk Art

12-th annual exhibition of Zelenogorsk's artists

Foto gallery

Beautifull photos of lutheran church. Photo album by Marina Popova.


Designer from Zelenogorsk Stas Voronko got the Grand-Prix of the international exhibition "100% design" in Moscow.

Lutheran parish

Guests from Jarvenpaa parish.

Foto gallery

Orthodox Church of Kazan God's Mother Icon. Photo album.

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Prints available!

The prints of the best photos from our site are available now.

Last news

2005-11-03. - 12-th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists works till the beginning of December 2005
2004-11-24. - Mannerheim Line. Summajarvi
2004-11-24. - 11-th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists works till end of November
2004-09-06. - Graphic art and painting by Alexey Nikolaev
2003-10-25. - 10th annual exhibitions of Zelenogorsk artists is opened on 26th of October
2003-07-27. - Photo report from the City Festival-2003
2003-05-20. - Photos from the celebrationg of 10th anniversary of the Terijoki parish reopening
2003-03-30. - Information about Lutheran parish Terijoki
2002-10-28. - Photo report from the 9-th annual exhibition of Zelenogorsk's artists
2002-09-29. - New photos in our Historical Photo Gallery
- New artpack from Art-Group "Just-X" in out Art Gallery
2002-07-29. - Photo report from the City Festival-2002
2002-07-24. - New materials in the Art Gallery - paintings by Tony Milagros
- Exhibition of Nikolay Balagurov

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